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April 2019: KeOps 1.0 and GeomLoss are out!

If you just saw one of my talk on Sinkhorn divergences and large-scale Optimal Transport, here is what you are looking for:
KeOps library, GeomLoss package, Slides, Poster.


After graduating from the MVA Master 2 in the summer 2015, I am currently in the third year of my PhD under the direction of Alain Trouvé at the ENS of Cachan. I am also employed as a "Caïman" (tutor and teaching assistant) by the École Normale Supérieure, in the Department of Mathematics.

I am mainly interested in shape analysis, focusing on Riemannian methods such as LDDMM deformations and optimal transport plans. Here is a CV.


I have been playing the flute for 11 years at the Conservatoire Paul Dukas, in Paris. I especially enjoy playing baroque music : J.S. & C.P.E. Bach, J.J. Quantz, G.P. Telemann... In june 2014, I gratuated from the Conservatoire, obtaining a "Certificat de Fin d'Études Musicales" diploma. Here is my leaflet programme, in French : Mathematics in Music.

My other interests include ancient history, Chinese culture and pedagogy. Here are some books that I would strongly recommend: