Eduardo Silva

I am a third-year PhD student at Département de Mathématiques et Applications (DMA) of École Normale Supérieure (Paris, France). My advisor is Anna Erschler. My PhD defense will take place in May 2024.

In October 2024 I will start a postdoctoral position at Münster Mathematics.

My main interest is geometric group theory, and more precisely geometric properties of Cayley graphs of finitely generated groups. I have studied properties that depend on the choice of generating set, as for example the growth series of a group, or the depth properties of a Cayley graph (= study of dead ends). I am also interested on random walks on groups and in understanding geometric information of a group in terms of the long scale behavior of random walks on it. I am particularly interested in the problem of identifying the Poisson boundary of a random walk, notably of locally-finite-by-cyclic groups. In the past I have also worked on symbolic dynamics on groups.