This page is strongly inspired by one of my friend. Since this page is just for fun, I suggest you skip it quickly and do not waste much time on it if you have some affairs more important to do on hand.

Here is my blog. Its birth comes from one debate with one friend. He thought I just give a lot comments to the others' rather than running a proper blog. Thus I decided to run my own blog as a counter-attack. Time proves it hard to always keep writing (interesting) ideas, but I try my best.

You can find me (easily?) in the following videos: X - a magic world, X - TV5Monde, IHES - a temple of maths and physics, Ali - maths.

In 2019, I am qualified in the final of the Alibaba maths competition sponsored by Jack Ma. It is a nice memory and another video touched me so much during the ceremony A running Pi. It seems that we became superstars that week and we appeared in many interviews and reports, but in fact I am only a random walker attempting to solve some maths problems.

Finally, let mention the guy who teaches me a lot. We have once trained for maths olympiad in high school and also collaborated for (maybe) my first paper. I always remember the epoch when I was younger and those friends with who we studied maths together. I missed the old days, but perhaps to do maths is the only way to keep them in my mind.