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A cross university training

The Department of Mathematics and Applications offers a three-year program of high scientific level, leading to the ENS diploma (speciality: mathematics). With a select number of students (about fifty per year, the majority of whom are ENS students), it focuses on mathematics and their applications. The objectives are to ensure a high level of professionalization, training through research, and a balanced multidisciplinary approach. In partnership with Sorbonne Université, Univeristé de Paris, Université Paris-Dauphine PSL,  Université Paris-Saclay, and the Université Sorbonne Paris-Nord, the curriculum includes the validation of two national diplomas: the Bachelor’s degree and the Master’s degree.


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ENS, 45 rue d’Ulm, 75005 Paris.

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The ENS diploma

The ENS Diploma in mathematics provides an original training of excellence for mathematicians who have acquired solid knowledge in other disciplines (computer science, physics, biology, etc.). It is a three-year training program in and through research. Its major advantage is a faster rythm made possible by reinforced supervision, notably through individual tutoring. Several courses are available, including multidisciplinary courses.

Studying at DMA

The Deparment of Mathematics and Applications of the École Normale Supérieure offers high-level inter-university scientific training in a framework favorable to transdisciplinary interactions.

First graduate year

During the first graduate year, students complete the third year of a Bachelor’s degree in mathematics. In addition to the mathematics track, it is possible to follow one of the three multidisciplinary tracks.

Second graduate year

Second year grade students validate a first-year master’s degree. Students in the mathematics track also take a “complementary” M1 course and validate two “advanced” courses.

Third and fourth graduate years

Third year students are enrolled in an M2 course. It is also possible to take one of the M2 courses organized by the department. It is also necessary to prepare the diploma thesis.

Entering the DMA

There are three ways to enter the Department of Mathematics and Applications.

The ENS entrance exam

The majority of our students come from the Ecole Normale Supérieure entrance exam. This exam recruits French or foreign students who have followed a preparation similar to the one given in the French preparatory classes. Students who pass the entrance exam attend the ENS for four years and are housed on the ENS campus.

The international selection

The international selection is open to all foreign students, there is no specific program or preparation. Successful students follow a 3-year paid course at the ENS, they are housed on the ENS campus. The international selection is the main way of recruiting non-French speaking foreign students in the Department of Mathematics and Applications.

Written application

A written application is open to students (French or foreign) who do not take the entrance exam to the École normale supérieure in the same year. Students who are admitted can prepare for the ENS diploma by following the department’s curriculum, but do not receive a salary.

Doing math at ENS

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