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Arithmetic purity

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Arithmetic purity

It is well-known that weak approximation is birational invariant between smooth varieties by the implicit function theorem. For strong approximation, such property is no longer true. However one can expect that strong approximation is invariant between smooth varieties up to a closed sub-variety of codimension at least 2. Indeed, this result is proved for affine spaces in a joint work with Yang Cao which is applied to show strong approximation for toric varieties. Such result is also proved by Dasheng Wei by using a different method. In this talk, I’ll explain that this purity result is true for SL(n) and Sp(n).

- Variétés rationnelles

Détails :

Orateur / Oratrice : Fei Xu
Date : 10 juin 2016
Horaire : 17h00 - 18h00
Lieu : ENS Salle W