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Pregeometries and definable groups

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Pregeometries and definable groups

We describe a recent program for analyzing definable sets and groups in certain model theoretic settings. Those settings include:(a) o-minimal structures (M, P), where M is an ordered group and P is a real closed field defined on a bounded interval (joint work with Peterzil),(b) tame expansions (M, P) of a real closed field M by a predicate P, such as expansions with o-minimal open core (work in progress with Gunaydin and Hieronymi).The analysis of definable groups first goes through a local level, where a pertinent notion of a pregeometry and generic elements is each time introduced.

- Séminaire Géométrie et théorie des modèles

Détails :

Orateur / Oratrice : Pantelis Eleftheriou
Date : 13 décembre 2013
Horaire : 11h00 - 11h00
Lieu : ENS Salle W