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Validation of second year

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Language teaching

At least one language course is compulsory for all majors each year. It can be validated by a course from the ENS language department (ECLA), or by a long stay in a non-French speaking country.

Master of Mathematics (1st year – M1)

Completion of the first year of the Master’s program (M1) requires:

3 x 12 ECTS = 36 ECTS


  • One working group
Total 60 ECTS

(1) Counted for M1 if not for L3
(2) Recommended course for the math/biology track
(3) Course accessible from the 1st year
(4) 6 ECTS courses in the double major DENS course

ENS Diploma (2nd year)

To obtain the second year of the ENS Diploma, the student must have obtained the M1 in mathematics as well as additional training depending on the chosen field (mathematics or mathematics/biology).

Option mathematics

Remark: Each advanced course is composed of a 6-week course, validated by an exam, and a group work part, validated by one or several presentations.

Remark: The advanced courses can be replaced by a long internship (4 months minimum); a shorter internship, starting in the middle of the second semester, allows to be exempted from the group work part of the advanced courses.

Remark: An experience abroad is required for the validation of the ENS Diploma.

  • The 1st year thesis and presentation for students enrolled directly in the 2nd year.
  • Un cours dans une disciOne course in a discipline other than mathematics, to be chosen from the list of non-mathematical courses offered by the mathematics department or from the syllabus of another scientific department (physics, computer science, biology, etc.) in agreement with the tutor.

Remark: It is necessary to validate a minimum of 12 ECTS in the first year and 24 ECTS in total over the first two years in non-mathematical scientific courses.

Option mathematics / biology

  •  Three courses to be validated among:
    • Écologie / évolution (1st semester)
    • Biologie cellulaire (1st semester)
    • Neurosciences of the Cogmaster (1st semester)
    • Machine learning of the Cogmaster (2nd semester)
  • A long project in biology or neuroscience.